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Damien Brassart Quartet

Damien Brassart soprano sax

Joseph Nowell piano

Emanuel Van Mieghem double bass

Gionata Giardina drums

All compositions by Damien Brassart. Elements of world music and free jazz.

Mauro Rolfini Probable Solutions

Mauro Rolfini saxophones

Joseph Nowell piano

Silvia Bolognesi double bass

Pierluigi Foschi drums

An improvisation/research project led by Mauro Rolfini. Mauro, Pierluigi and Silvia are all active in the improvisation scene, Silvia being also a stable member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Pierluigi a member of Stefano Battaglia's Tabula Rasa Ensemble.


Amedeo Verniani "Due."

Emanuele Parrini violin
Tony Cattano trombone
Joseph Nowell piano
Amedeo Verniani double bass, compositions
Pierluigi Foschi drums

Amedeo Verniani is a young talented italian double bass player and composer known in the italian jazz and classical music scene.
Here in his debut album as band leader he collaborates with two older members of the Fonterossa label - Tony Cattano and Emanuele Parrini as well as two of his contemporaries Joseph Nowell and Pierluigi Foschi.

The repertoire is based on Amedeo's original compositions inspired by his interest in literature, art and his musical background. Written compositions and improvised moments are parts of the material of this album.

All compositions by Amedeo Verniani except for "Viaggio" by Emanuele Parrini.

released November 12, 2018 on Fonterossa Records
Griffin Rodriguez: recording, mixing, mastering
Niko Coniglio: Photo Art


Neri Pollastri, All About Jazz

Nazim Comunale, Giornale Della Musica

Mario Gamba, Il Manifesto

Borrkia Big Band

Italian rock n roll band based in Volterra, Tuscany, featuring original compositions by Borrkia, a.k.a. Stefano Toncelli.


Borrkia Big Band: “Pausa Caffè”

Vrec Music Label, 2017

Featuring Borrkia (Stefano Toncelli), Danny Bronzini, Finaz and others

BlueRing Orchestra

Tobia Bondesan conductor, composer
Camilla Battaglia, Eleonora Elettra Franchina, Clizia Miglianti voices
Marco Vecchio, Riccardo Filippi Tenor sax: Massimo Gemini, Francesco Panconesi, Francesco Salmaso sax
Gabriele Mastropasqua, Federico D’angelo baritone sax
Andrea Del Vescovo trumpet
Andrea Angeloni, Paolo Acquaviva trombone

Massimiliano Dosoli, Leonardo Agnelli clarinet
Francesco Nowell flute
Joseph Nowell, Luca Sguera keyboards
Francesco Fiorenzani guitar
Michele Bondesan double bass
Giuseppe Sardina drums


Bluering Improvisers is a collective of young Italian improvisers with a love for collective improvisation and the practice of conducting. Elements and modality applied with passion and intelligence to the music contained in this work.
The music, by Tobia Bondesan, moves with a slow, meditative pace and gradually builds lyric plans and thematic openings of considerable intensity.
A large collective of twenty musicians with voices, reeds, brass, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums for a wide-ranging music that will not fail to involve the most attentive and passionate listener.

Music by Tobia Bondesan
Tracks 1-7 recorded, mixed and mastered at Jambona Lab (Pisa) by Antonio Castiello and Aldo De Sanctis, 19th-20th July 2016. Track 8 recorded live on 20th June 2016, at Auditorium Santa Chiara (Siena) by Damiano Magliozzi, mixed and mastered at Centro Musicale Soundy. Artwork by Marta Viviani.
Art by Ale Sordi


Angelo Leonardi, All About Jazz

Eos Trio

Joseph Nowell piano

Emanuel Van Mieghem double bass

Julian Vleminckx drums

Piano trio born in Antwerp in 2017. All original compositions by the three members. Played in Footprints Jazz Festival, Inside Belgian Jazz Late Night, and various clubs in Belgium.





Erik Bogaerts sax

Joseph Nowell piano

Emanuel Van Mieghem double bass

Jesse Dockx drums

Repertoire consisting of jazz standards (see video) and originals.

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